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Whether you are the guest or the groom, a wedding is a special and joyous event. Everyone dress up and look their best to underline the importance and to enjoy the day to the fullest. Choosing the perfect outfit depends on many things, but one important factor is the mood and season of the wedding. Let’s look at your options for looking great at your next summer wedding!

At any wedding there is a pinnacle of formality where it is always best to follow the dress guide set out by the bride and groom in the invitation. If it says black tie, then the choice of wearing a tuxedo is already made for you. Otherwise, you should dress up as much as you can while remaining comfortable and confident with your appearance. The best option is well-fitted tailoring in light weight summer fabrics to allow you to feel great even if it gets warm.

Firstly, for the tuxedo you cannot go wrong with the classics. If you are the groom, you might want to indulge in an ivory dinner jacket to stand out in a crowd of black tie, but as a guest you should stick to black or midnight navy blue. You can invest in a black tuxedo and choose a summer wool, which feels light and dry to the touch. The trousers should have a satin silk line running down the side and the shoes should be black. You have a wide choice between oxfords, maybe even patent leather, or nice black loafers. You should stay classic so you respect the dress code and you will look great in the tuxedo for many years to come.

Secondly, you will probably need another more relaxed outfit. You can use this chic look for the actual wedding if the invite doesn’t specify black tie, or you can use it for the less formal part of the wedding. Perhaps you can wear a relaxed suit for the wedding ceremony and then the tuxedo for the party in the evening.

Especially if you are going to a destination wedding, it is best to travel light, but you can create multiple looks from wardrobe essentials. The base of the relaxed outfit is a pair of tailored trousers, perhaps in beige or navy blue, and a pair of quality loafers you feel great in. Then you can bring two dress shirts. It might get warm so it is good to have spare, and the two different shirts can make the look very versatile, perhaps one colourful with stripes and one classic blue with a nice tie.


Lastly, the jacket. On the way to the wedding you can wear a unconstructed linen field jacket which is comfortable and relaxed. If you also bring a summer blazer, you can create a very elegant set of tailoring whenever the wedding calls for a more elevated style.

These different options can be used for one single wedding weekend or you can chose the one look which bests suits your style. For the relaxed options, you can always have fun with accessories like pocket squares and sunglasses, but it is always good to aim for classic and timeless, especially if you chose to wear a tuxedo for your summer wedding.

"Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered." - Giorgio Armani



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