Butterfly Loafers - A Rare elegance

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In classic mens’ style there is a paradox. How is it possible to be different and still be classically elegant. Can you stand out and still be understated. 

Some great style icons’ main goal was to stand out and they succeeded with ever-changing styles and bold colours. Another kind of style is the understated well dressed person who is seeking great style for its own sake, not to get recognition from others.

The Butterfly loafers are quite ideal because they offer a beautiful shape and are also very rare. Few people are familiar with this special loafer and even fewer own a pair.

Here you have a shoe that can make you stand out, while staying elegant. 

Butterfly loafers get the name from the soft shapes of the interwoven leather, which aesthetically resemble butterfly wings while practically they hold the foot securely in place. The fit of the loafer is very classic while the other particularity of the shoe is the rounded brogue detailing which decorates the top of the loafer.

In the sober colours of brown and black, the timeless leather is understated and allows the design of the loafer to shine. As a loafer it is quite versatile. In both brown and black you can easily dress them up, because the loafer remains understated. However you can also wear them more casually, especially the brown version which will match with more casual clothing. The design also has a duality between the clean lines of the butterfly construction and the decoration of the brogue detailing, which gives the shoe an interesting allure.

Loafers in general are best for warmer weather, so when spring arrives you can start wearing them often. 

You can wear the black pair with light grey tailored trousers for the first warm day of the year. A pair of light grey socks and a black turtleneck will polish the formal spring look, which you can finish with a dark double breasted blazer if you are in the mood.

For the brown Butterfly loafers you can consider a nice beige chino trouser with a woollen utility jacket or your favourite pair of blue denim jeans and a crisp linen shirt.

 Few loafers are as rare or as elegant as the Butterfly loafers. It can allow you to express your unique style while staying understated and timeless.


“Elegance is when someone seems like they are themselves”

- Hubert de Givenchy

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