3DM Lifestyle

3DM Lifestyle is a curated shoe boutique for the fashion savvy men and the name is synonymous with premium leather soles and extraordinary wearing comfort. Founded by Dhruv Bhalla, 3DM Lifestyle has been producing high-quality leather shoes since 2013. Since launching the company in 2013, we have come to offer 100+ different shoe styles, 15+ different shoe shapes — ranging from traditional Oxfords and Chelsea boots to suede Penny loafers and Chukkas. They've got guys comfortably covered no matter the occasion. And, if cared for properly, these styles should last for many, many years. 

Our goal from the beginning has been to help men everywhere step up their shoe game. And to do that, we had to go direct. There are plenty of brands out there that produce mediocre-quality footwear with retail price points upwards of $500; we didn't want to be another one of those brands. Our focus has been on creating very stylish, high-quality products produced in our own footwear factory in India and selling them internationally and directly to our customers via our website.

Is it possible to build a high-quality, low-cost footwear brand? We are finding out. All our shoes are handcrafted in small batches. By producing in small lots we are able to minimize waste and overhang and churn inventory more quickly. As a result, we don’t have to build the cost of "excess inventory" into our prices, allowing us to pass along those savings to you.

In the shoe industry, consumers pay prices that include the huge markup charged by the wholesale/retail business. Remove them and you substantially lower the price consumers would pay. We simply believe that offering customers a great value is the foundation for long-term business success and is the honourable thing to do. This was the disruption that made our business grow. We're so confident about the product that we've cut out the middlemen - distributors, retailers, advertisers - and let our fans do the talking.