How to Expand Upon Your Hobbies

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A hobby is something you enjoy doing, something you do for pleasure and something that makes your life better. Imagine how nice it would be to enjoy your hobby even more, to get even more nerdy. Let's look at the ways to dive deeper with the example of amateur photography. 

The most important thing is to always enjoy your hobby and to do it regularly, but you can also start improving by learning from others. 

Do you know anyone who shares your hobby that you could learn with? Perhaps you like the solo aspect of your hobby, then there are other sources. 

YouTube is a great way to learn about popular and niche hobbies. The landscape photographer Thomas Heaton has lots of excellent videos perfect for budding photographers. You can also find great books on almost any topic you can think of. 

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Often people focus a lot on what gear is necessary to excel in their new hobby. The truth is that great and expensive gear is not necessary, however it is important to have tools you like to use. Finding a camera that looks and feels right to you and that you enjoy  using will help you take more and better photos. As long as you are not holding yourself  back while waiting for better gear, you can get a lot of pleasure from having great tools. 

For people starting out with photography, it is important to highlight how nice it is to see  printed photos that you took. Whether you shoot analog or digital, try to get many of  your photos printed. It is a very nice moment when going through the physical photos  for the first time, but equally nice a few years later. 

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Once you have gained more experience, educated yourself and found the right gear, now is the time to develop your style. Try to distill what you like about photography and  your best images. Focus on what you love and what makes you unique. Perhaps you like shooting analog landscapes while taking long camping trips, or  perhaps you like to do short videos of interesting people on the street. Whatever your style is, go deeper! 

While photography is inherently nice because it can allow you to capture nice moments with friends, summer vacations or show how quickly children grow up, you can take your hobby further. 

Try to do one project. Think of the most ambitious project you would like to do, and then start making it happen. The whole point of this is to try do your hobby as well as possible, to push yourself to make something you love and are proud of.

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Perhaps you can create the most beautiful photography book possible with carefully curated photographs that show your unique style. This could be a year long project with  a very specific theme to push you to focus on what you love. 

Perhaps your dream is to go on a 3 week hiking trip to Patagonia. You could make the preparations and go live your dream. You could dedicate an Instagram account to your travels as a way to let your family and friends follow you and to show your photographs of mountain ranges. 

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Just because something is your hobby and you enjoy it, doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy it more. The point of the projects are to make something you can be proud of. Even if fishing is your hobby, perhaps you could also enjoy making your own fishing rod or experience fly fishing for salmon in Scotland.  

The possibilities are endless.  

Relaxation is great, but dedication can give also give you satisfaction.

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