The Suede Derby

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The perfect shoe for looking sharp when the temperature rises. The suede derby will suit your summer tailored trousers or your favourite jeans. With its long tradition, the Derby has earned its title as the perfect every day shoe, both for town and country. 

The Derby has a history spanning 2 centuries. It is debated whether the inventor of the shoe was the 14th Earl of Derby or the Prussian Field Marshal Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher. Regardless of which origin has more historical merit, the Derby became popular in the 1800s as the shoe of country gentlemen. 

By the middle of the 19th century the Derby shoe was fully integrated in the wardrobe of city dwellers and has since been an appropriate shoe for the office. 

The Derby style, with its open lacing system, appealed to both a large footed Earl and a military man focused on durability and ease of use. Even centuries later, the same benefits are associated with Derbys. The construction allows easy adjustment to different feet and comfortable wear in summer heat. 

Regarding its construction, the Derby is considered less formal than the Oxford, with its hidden lacing system, however the Derby is much more versatile. Often featuring broguing and wingtip design, it is able to be dressed up and down. 

The nature of the Derby construction is very versatile. For the winter season a nice calfskin leather Derby is perfect, or even a Derby boot. For warmer weather, a softer suede version is ideal. 

Suede Derbys are easy to match with your existing wardrobe, especially if you choose a natural colour. To make an interesting summer look, pair your brown suede Derbys with sand coloured trousers, a linen shirt and an unconstructed blazer in a blue tone. When autumn comes around, try trousers in a Prince of Wales pattern with a cashmere roll- neck or an elegant herringbone blazer. 

The suede Derby can easily become your go-to summer shoe, working well with both your light tailoring and more casual looks. Because they are so easy to wear, do not be surprised if you find yourself reaching for your suede Derbys multiple times a week. 

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