Summer Loafers: The Elegant Way to be Comfortable

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Just like good boots are essential in winter, loafers can brighten up your summer and your looks. 

Suede loafers are perfect for summer. They are more cool and relaxed than the year-round leather loafer. They are what you want when sneakers are too casual, and oxfords are too formal.



For the office, cognac and navy suede will accompany the lighter summer colours of your wardrobe. A linen suit and suede loafers will keep you cool throughout a day at work.

When vacation comes around, switch out the suit for colourful chinos or shorts and enjoy how the suede loafers now effortlessly fit your feet and your outfit. 

When wearing loafers, the big question always is how to wear, or not to wear, socks. For summer you have the opportunity to try out coloured socks in lightweight materials. If you really want to feel the summer breeze around your ankles, use some “no-show” socks. These low-cut socks are invisible when the loafers are worn, and allow you to stay dry and comfortable in your shoes.



For any summer look, consider having your trousers hemmed slightly shorter than your formal wardrobe. Showing a bit of ankle and having no break in the line of your trousers really lighten up an outfit, which is especially effective with loafers.

Keep in mind that suede loafers are still well-constructed shoes with leather soles and lining, and thus require care. 

Any shoe should be allowed to rest a day after wearing them, which is especially important in the warm summer months. To improve the longevity of your loafers, it is important to use shoe trees or put the paper in the shoe to keep its shape.

Suede loafers allow you to blend your summer suits with your casual wardrobe while staying elegant and comfortable in spite of the heat.




Written by Peter Lyng Knudsen. Born in Denmark. 

Educated in Economics followed by Luxury Management. 

Interested in craftsmanship and design.

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