Three Essential Boots - Styles that will last a Lifetime

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When you are looking for a pair of boots that will be a pleasure to wear, then the classics are a good place to start. These are boots that have retained their elegance for many decades, while fashion changes every season. Here are the three essential boots for the classic wardrobe, and if you buy them in a quality that was made to last, then you can take pride in wearing them for decades yet to come.

The Black Brogue Boot



In any wardrobe there should be boots in black, dark brown and tan leather to compliment every outfit you want to wear. Let us begin with the most classic, the black brogue boot.

This boot is an ode to craftsmanship. It all starts with the sturdy derby construction made with an elongated last and the metal lacing system. Then the eye is drawn to the Brogue details of the wingtip, which is added to give an air of refinement to the shoe.

The timeless shape and the immaculate black leather gives this boot an elegance and a formality that would look perfect with a charcoal flannel suit. But equally, because it is a high boot, it has a stylish casual touch that makes it perfect for a walk on the weekend.

The Brown Grain Chukka Boot



After the black and more formal boot, the second essential boot is brown and more casual. The Chukka is a perfect everyday boot, with a bit of a rough history, but it could become the foundation of your casual wardrobe. 

Its origins comes from the military, where the Chukka was used by British soldiers on foreign campaigns in hot climates. First used in India and then in the dessert campaign of WWII, it was very practical because of its lightness and mobility. This military heritage gives it a utilitarian feel to the boot, that works perfectly with more casual outfits. 

The ankle high boot will pair perfectly with jeans and chinos for everyday use. While the original Chukka boot was made in suede, this grained leather version, with its dark patina, elevates the army classic.

The Tan Chelsea Boot



The third and final essential boot is the Chelsea, because no list of great boots would be complete without it. 

Quintessentially British, the timeless Chelsea Boot is a versatile shoe with a simple design and a long heritage. Practical and cool, thanks to the elastic sides, the Chelsea boot was made popular by bands like the Beatles in the 1960’s and is still an icon to this day. 

It is versatile due to its simplicity and heritage. Because of the purity of design it is possible to dress the Chelsea boot up. Because of the rock and roll history of the shoe, it retains an air of cool and works well informally. 

For the trio of essential boots, choosing a Chelsea boot in tan leather is a good way to end of the trinity, but you could equally well go for a suede version. Pure, without any unnecessary decorations, the Chelsea is a classic boot that, like the Chukka and the Brogue, will keep you stylish for many years to come.

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