Saddle Strap Belgian Loafers

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We respect and admire beautiful design and know that it takes a lot of effort to achieve something effortless. That is why we think that great designs deserve great craftsmanship and materials. We have focused on creating a loafer where the leather is as stunning as the design and craftsmanship.

There has to be a natural balance between the quality of design, craftsmanship and materials. Very often companies offer a good-looking design, but with poor craftsmanship and materials. Although it is cheap, it cannot last and give satisfaction. But when the craftsmanship is improved, it becomes natural to also improve the material, so there is a balance between all three elements. It is senseless to spend many hours of craftsmanship on designs in poor materials, just like it is senseless to give an amateur artisan a very precious material. When a good equilibrium is reached, good design becomes a great product.

The design of the Saddle Strap Belgian Loafers is effortless. The special construction is reminding of the stirrup of a saddle and gives a sleek elongated look to the loafer. This loafer is quite a rare sight and will make a great addition to any shoe collection. In its style it is a hybrid between the penny loafer and the traditional Belgian loafer. The aim was to create timeless shape that becomes elegant in its simplicity.

The shape is complimented by the materials. Suede is often a good choice for comfortable loafers to make them softer and more comfortable. It can also give versatility because they can work as very casual shoes while still being perfectly suited to a more formal setting. 

The tan suede Saddle Strap Belgian Loafers are perfect for summer. You can pair them with white, beige and all the shades of blue in your wardrobe. 

The black suede is great for bold looks, you can even imagine an all black outfit at a summer night party by the Mediterranean.

Finally, as to highlight the beauty of materials the Saddle Strap Belgian Loafers are also made in crocodile patterned leather. Our artisans imitate the pattern of the crocodile by using a strong press to emboss the intricate pattern into prepared leather. Textured leather is often very well complimented by bold colours. Here the green and red inject the loafers with lots of colour and personality.

When you look for great products to add to your wardrobe, the trinity of design, craftsmanship and materials is important to keep in mind. Design is most important, as it most defines your style. However, to enjoy something for a long time the craftsmanship and quality of materials become vital. We are always searching for the perfect balance between the three and trying to improve each element.

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