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With the release date of the latest James Bond movie being postponed to the end of 2021, we have collected a few alternatives to watch before 007 can inspire us to wear tuxedos once again.

“No time to die” will be the 25th James Bond movie, and will probably be on the big screens in October 2021, after waiting a year due to covid-19. Normally nothing can stop our hero, but with the film being the predicted blockbuster of the year, Hollywood is waiting for open cinemas.

The movies are based on books by Ian Fleming, which are worth a read. They are more slow paced than the films and focus more on the spy himself than the action.

The BBC mini series “Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond” shows the life of the author, and how the fiction is not far from the reality and how Ian Fleming was a spy for the British Royal Navy.

We all love the movies, not least because of their style. Many people know black tie as the suit of James Bond, before they know the word tuxedo. 

For many years, Brioni was the brand of 007’s suits, during all the films of Pierce Brosnan and also Casino Royale. The costume designer wanted a British Savile Row suit, but as the action movie needs multiple replicas of each suit for each scene, it would take years to produce the suits in these limited workshops.

Brioni were able to use their large commercial workshops in Italy to produce the many identical suits required for the shooting, so 007 always looks impeccable, even after chasing a villain.  

Tom Ford has famously dressed Daniel Craig in recent movies and has created some looks to remember, especially the midnight blue tuxedo. 

We still have to wait a while for Bond, James Bond to grace the screen again. In the meantime, here are some suggestions for stylish movies to get inspired from.

A Single Man (2009)

Tom Ford made an excellent movie about the life of an English college professor living in California. The movie is profound and would be worth watching even if the style was horrible. However, the styling is excellent. Tom Ford has created a whole style universe for the protagonist George, played by Colin Firth.

Kingsman (2015, 2017, 2021)

After the first world war a collection of British aristocrats set up a secret spy organisation to protect the world. In a tailoring shop on Savile Row.

This movie carries you into a world of English tradition, where tweed and good posture are mandatory. The movies are both stylish and highly entertaining, and definitely worth a watch.

The Man From Uncle (2015)

A great retro spy movie with all it includes. It is the cold war era and to avoid a collection of missiles and a scientist from falling into the wrong hands, a MI6 and a KGB agent must work together to save the day. 

The styling is amazing of the two protagonists, but equally so of the ballistic scientist’s daughter played by Alicia Vikander.

The Aftermath (2019)

This movie deals with what comes after the losses of a war. This romantic drama is set in post WWII Germany and plays out between a British officer, his beautiful wife and a handsome German architect, in whose house they all live.

Not only is this a lovely movie exploring the feelings behind loss and love, it also has stunning costumes throughout the movie. The German architect embodies both a traditional style and a keen sense of aesthetics.

The Great Gatsby (2013)

No list of stylish movies would be complete without The Great Gatsby. Based on the great book by F. Scott Fitzgerald from 1925, the story is about the contrasts between old and new money. One quote springs to mind to underline the contrast, when the aristocratic Buchanan says about Mr. Gatsby that he could not possibly be an Oxford man as he is wearing a pink suit.

A complete classic ends the list of movies to quench your thirst of style while we wait for the 25th James Bond movie. Of course you could always rewatch some of your favorite 007 films to be inspired to wear tuxedos once again.

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