How to Dress Up for a Wedding

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Featuring the Formal Pumps with Grosgrain Bow

The choice of shoe for your upcoming wedding party will depend on your clothes. At some weddings, tuxedos are required while others have a more relaxed dress code. The key is to find wedding attire you are comfortable in that fits the dress code.

If you are invited to a wedding where the invitation doesn’t stress black tie you are quite free. Here a nicely cut navy suit is a classic but you can also wear a lighter suit for a summer wedding. The natural match with these colours is a shoe in beautiful brown leather. 

You have the opportunity to add a touch of your personal style by choosing the formality of your shoe style. If you want to give a formal feeling to your outfit, a brown Oxford whole cut shoe is ideal with its focus on simplicity and the beauty of the leather. To create a more relaxed ensemble you should consider brown loafers, where you have a great range of choices from which to pick your favorite. A no-sock loafer look is ideal for a summer destination wedding.

Perhaps the most exciting wedding outfit is all black. This could easily be your go to look for most weddings, and it is mandatory if the dress-code dictates black tie. 

Whether you are dressing all black, or even in tones of grey, black shoes are always worn. 

As with everything else, the more you dive into a topic the more interesting it becomes. There are many options for black shoes, appropriate for a wedding, that can give your look your desired style. Let us look at 3 great options, so you can choose which fits your personal style best.

Firstly, patent shoes are a way to show that you care about style and that you dressed up for the wedding you were kindly invited to. A version like the Venetian black patent shoes are great to polish off a classic tuxedo in style.

Secondly, for those who wish to display the courageous and more dandy side of themselves, a formal pump in patent leather is ideal. The construction, like a Belgian loafer, has the embellishment of a silk bow on top. This is a reminder of the black silk of the bowtie, the lapel and the silk stripe down the side of the tuxedo trousers and tie the whole outfit together perfectly.

Thirdly, where patent draws attention by shining, black suede draws attention by absorbing all light. The black suede loafers are like jet black velvet in the way they don’t reflect any light, thus appearing completely dark. This is an extraordinary visual effect that is perfect for a formal outfit.

Whether you are going with brown or black, you have many options for your wedding shoes. The key point is to understand the stylish expression of each shoe and then to choose the pair that best underline your personal style. 

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