The 5 Essentials of Every Wardrobe

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Today we'll be going through the 5 essential items that every gentleman should have in their wardrobe.

Dressing sharp and smart speaks volumes about a gentleman's character.

As the saying goes: "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak".

Essential Item #1: A Well Fitted Suit

A well fitted suit will be a staple in your wardrobe since it's so versatile for many different occasions from fancy dinners, weddings, events, meetings and more.

For versatility, go for a solid colored grey or navy suit and avoid patterns.

A clean, sharp and well fitting suit presents an image of class, manners and ambition. Always have a well fitting suit ready on hand for the next time you are dressing to impress.

Essential Item #2: Necktie

A necktie helps complete your suit and drawers attention towards your face. An essential wardrobe item for any gentleman. Aim to have a minimum of two simple, classic ties.

Versatile colors include blues, navy, burgundy and dark green. If you're going to wear a pocket square in the breast pocket of your suit, make sure it either matches or complements your necktie.

Essential Item #3: Dress Shirt

No wardrobe is complete with a well fitting dress shirt. You'll want to have approximately three dress shirts in your wardrobe.
A dress shirt that fits well shouldn't be baggy around the under arms but also shouldn't be too tight. The seam where the arm of the shirt begins should line up with the top of your shoulder.
Focus on plain white and shades of blue for essentials. Make sure the collars are the regular business type colors and not anything fancy. 

Essential Item #4: Leather Belt


You'll often find that your outfit doesn't feel complete without a belt to put it all together. You can never go wrong with a beautiful leather dress belt and this should be an essential item in every gentleman's wardrobe.

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Essential Item #5: Dress Shoe

Pictured above is our best selling Venetian Loafer

Every outfit needs dress shoe to match. A well presented gentleman takes care of his looks from head to toe.

Depending on your suit and shirt attire you want to opt for either a brown or black pair of dress shoes, however if you're able to then it's always a good idea to have both options in your wardrobe as an essential for different outfits and occasions to freshen up your style.

During the winters, you may want to consider having a pair of well designed boots for walking through puddles, snow and more while still looking your best.

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