How to Pick the Right Shoe

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Welcome to the 3DM Lifestyle guide on How to Pick the Right Shoe.

With so many different shoe styles out there, many gentlemen are left unsure of which is the best style to suit their needs. As a rule of thumb, every person should ideally have a minimum of two pairs of shoes that they can interchange. 

The most surefire way to drastically reduce the lifespan of ones shoe is to wear the same pair everyday which collects moisture and rapidly deteriorates the shoe. 

By changing your shoes and not wearing the same pair for more than two consecutive days, you'll allow your shoes to 'breathe' which will ensure they last much longer.

Below we'll be presenting to you a lowdown on the various styles of shoes available so you can decide which styles are most suitable to your lifestyle.

1. Oxford

The oxford is a classic when we’re talking about shoes.

The distinguishing feature of an Oxford shoe is the closed lacing.

This go to style is preferred by men across the globe for office or formal wear and pairs well with a suit or a tuxedo.

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2. Derby

It’s often hard to tell apart a Derby style shoe from an Oxford because there are very few differentiating factors.

The striking difference is that Derby shoes have an open lacing system as opposed to Oxfords, making them wider giving more room and comfort.

So, if you’re looking for a wider or adjustable fit, go for a stylish pair of Derby shoes which are suitable for professional and formal settings.

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3. Monkstrap 

The Monkstrap is the perfect combination of formal and casual if you're going for that dapper look.

The wide strap and the buckle closure is what sets them apart from other styles.

Monkstraps come in both a single and a double buckle variant and sometimes even more. They make a good all rounder for any season.

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4. Loafers 

Easy to wear, this one is an absolute must have for every gentleman.

Pair it with a formal outfit or simply slip on for a casual look. Loafers are highly versatile across a wide variety of outfits due to their simple and comfortable design.

Loafers are a style that not only takes you through the day but also through the year. So, always invest in a good pair of Loafers.

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5. Boots

No wardrobe is complete without a pair of boots. Boots are ideal for colder seasons of the year to keep your ankle and feet warm and dry from the weather while still remaining stylish. 

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The shoes on your feet carry you throughout life so it's important that you take the time to invest in quality pairs of shoes that last.

During the warmer seasons, any shoe from Oxfords, Derbys, Loafers to Monkstraps can make sense depending on your day to day attire while Boots are an essential for Autumn and Winter when the weather is colder. 

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