Trunk Show - Mumbai

Enam Sambhav Coworking

Date: 10th and 11th March, 2022

Location: 4th Floor, WeWork, Enam Sambhav, C-20, G Block Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

Contact: +91-9711114320

Our trunk shows are your opportunity to interact with our products and team in person. Limited Time Pop-ups where our specialists guide you through our Collection and help you out finding the perfect fit. 

The old saying about “if the shoe fits” shows that some issues have been around for a long time. Everyone has differently shaped feet and relies heavily on them to carry our weight. In clothing, the most important aspect of a garment is the fit. In footwear, this is even more important because of the complexity and utility of feet. Made To Order is our way of solving the old problem of ill-fitting shoes and creating something unique for you.

Our reason for increasing our focus on Made To Order is to give our clients better-fitting shoes. Many people wear ill-fitting shoes, causing all sorts of problems and pains, and we want to continue making sure our clients don’t fall into that category.

To handle the question of fit let us start with the shape and construction of a shoe. The whole process of shoemaking is centered around feet and during the creation of a shoe, a good last is essential. A last is a replica of the shape of a foot in a hard material, like wood or plastic, that allows the shoemaker to fit, shape, and sew the leather to make the shoe.

Each shoe will exactly fit the last it was built on. However, not all feet are the same shape and not at all the same size. Normally ready to wear shoes are produced on lasts of different sizes but with the same shape that will approximately fit the most people. This means that some will have an acceptable fit and some will have a poor fit.

Made To Order ensures that all our clients have the right fit for their feet. This is because we offer several shapes of last in every size so we can find your match, not the one that fits a theoretical average foot. We have the expertise to guide you to find shoes that are nice to wear.

Once you have found which the last shape matches your feet you can think about style. Perhaps you need the wardrobe essentials shoes with a perfect fit and you start with a black Oxford shoe with a cap toe or perhaps you want a shoe to express your unique style.

Made To Order also allows for customisation because only one pair of shoes are being made, yours. You will have different options in terms of leather and color. Perhaps you want a patina or a different sole. It really becomes clear that with Made To Order the shoes are yours, even before you wear them.