The Dress Shoe Collection 2020

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Our 2020 Dress Shoe Collection has just launched and today we'll be delving into each of the styles in the collection line up. There are currently six elegant styles in this collection:

1. Wholecut Oxford
2. Cap Toe Double Monk
3. Single Monk Strap
4. Quarter Brogue Oxford
5. Patent Opera Pumps
6. Cap Toe Oxford

Let's begin...

1. Wholecut Oxford

Made from a single piece of leather, this Wholecut Oxford is a testament to craftsmanship. This unique construction is difficult to achieve and it requires a large piece of flawless leather, as there are no cuts to hide imperfections. This is why it is a luxurious shoe that only ambitious shoemakers can execute to perfection.

With its purity and elegance, its is a formal shoe perfect for important meetings and special occasions.

Keep in mind that simplicity is often synonymous with formality, thus it will work best with tailoring.

In a brown leather it works well with colours, especially blue suits. With a black shoe it is always best to stay with black and grey suits.

If you want to achieve a more casual look the brown version will work best, as the black wholecut Oxford is very formal.


2. Cap Toe Double Monkstraps

The Cap Toe Double Monk is a very stylish and versatile shoe with the Cap Toe cut which makes any shoe more elegant. The two buckles have their origin in footwear preferred by monks in the 15th century which have been refined ever since.

The result of this long history is an iconic shoe which is very linked to Italian style and will give an air of sprezzatura to your look.

It is not the most formal dress shoe, but still very appropriate around the office. The Monk Strap shoe is the proof of a man of style and this classic model will brighten up both your casual and formal outfits. 

In black leather the Cap Toe Double Monk is a formal shoe and works best when paired with a darker suits, for example a charcoal chalk-stripe suit, and you should always try to match your belt and watch strap in black leather.

The tan leather version is very versatile because it works perfectly well with your formal suits, but also with more casual outfits. Because of the lighter colour and the Italian style references it also matches light tailoring, chinos or denim.

3. Cap Toe Oxford - Patent Black

The Cap Toe Oxford is the most classic shoe imaginable. Nothing says tradition like an Oxford shoe, and nothing says formality as patent leather. With the formal Oxford shape and the single line across the toe, it is elegantly conservative combined with the glossy patent leather which signifies evening wear.

This shoe is made for one purpose only, to be the perfect shoe to accompany your tuxedo. Patent leather is a no-go in the office and cannot be paired with denim. The shoe does one thing, and does it well.

In such a simple and classic shoe, the choice of last is vital. Here the last is elongated to give an elegant shape and there is a slight toe bump that references the long tradition of Japanese shoemaking perfection.

This shoe is like a fine tuxedo. It follows the same strict rules, but it is in the finesse and construction details it stands out from the rest.

4. Single Monkstrap Leather Shoes

The Single Monk Strap is the shoe for connoisseurs with style.

The shoe draws its inspiration from medieval monks who used buckles instead of laces to fasten their footwear. After century of stylish evolution we have the elegant result.

While the Double strap version is becoming more and more well known, very few people own an elegant Single Strap version. So if you are interested in a shoe that is out of the ordinary, this is your niche shoe.

With a large flawless piece of leather stretched over the perfectly shaped last, this shoe shows both the heritage and craftsmanship of shoemaking. No doubt this rare style will turn a few heads when you are wearing your best Italian tailoring.

In the black version, this becomes a very formal shoe due to its simplicity and uniqueness. You can pair it with a charcoal 3 piece suit to create a flawless silhouette.

The tan version is less formal and more versatile than the black. The lighter colour makes it easier to pair with casual outfits, but be careful not to make your look too casual, it is still a very smart and clean shoe. With a beautifully cut suit in a light blue fabric this can make a great outfit for joyful special occasions.

5. Quarter Brogue Oxford

The Quarter Brogue Oxford is perfect for the man who appreciates moderation and tradition. The classic Oxford shape has its cap toe accentuated by a simple line of brogueing.

Historically the perforations in the leather were made to allow water to drain from the shoes in bad weather, but today they are purely decorative. The addition of this small detail makes the whole shoe seem more clean and minimal by contrast.

No doubt, this is a formal shoe. The Oxford construction and clean aesthetic combine in an elegant and traditional shoe.

In black leather it is the perfect way to round off an outfit for a formal business meeting, paired with a dark timeless suit.

In chestnut leather the shoe gets a more lively attitude. While still being a formal shoe perfect for a navy suit, it is also easy to wear with more casual tailoring or chinos.

6. Patent Leather Opera Pumps

This loafer has a wholecut construction and is created in black patent leather and is known as Opera Pumps.

The name is self explanatory, Opera Pumps are meant for the opera and are undoubtedly a very formal shoe. The whole cut patent leather slip-ons are a display of craftsmanship to accompany your favorite dinner jacket.

Although they are black, the patent leather has a glossy finish which will make your shoes stand out. They will give you yet another reason to dress up in black tie, to which they are the perfect compliment.

The Opera Pumps are perfect for your most formal occasions where you want to express your style, but you can also try them next time you dress up for a cocktail. Dressing up in a tuxedo and wearing patent loafers gives a nonchalant allure, the contrast between the informality of slippers and the formality of patent leather and black tie.

View the whole Dress Shoes Collection here:

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