What are the Perfect Summer Cocktails?

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Have you found your favorite cocktail for this summer yet? Find out so you can make it for yourself or when hosting a party, and so you can order it poolside on your summer vacation.

The art of cocktail making is a great past time. It combines the best elements of refreshing drinking and interesting cooking. 

Firstly, making cocktails is quick. It is hard to make an interesting meal in less than half an hour, but you can make a great cocktail in minutes. 

Secondly, you can have your ingredients at the ready always. Just keep your drinks cabinet filled with your favorite alcohol, keep ice in the freezer and keep a few citrus fruits around. 

Lastly, cocktail making is great because of the beautiful equipment. You can always wish for a couple more crystal cocktail glasses for your birthday, and maybe a silver shaker for Christmas. The equipment helps set the mood around the cocktail, which this is all about. What is better than enjoying a beautiful cocktail for your friends.

Let have a look at our favorite drinks for summer. For cocktails there is little reason on spending a fortune on your alcohol, save that for good wine and after dinner Cognac. To make great summer cocktails, you should however use fresh citrus and plenty of ice! 

The classic summer duo.

Two cocktails have become timeless drinks for the pool during the day and for a beach bar at night. The Aperol Spritz and the Mojito. 

Image credits @niccocesari

The Aperol is a great welcome drink if you are hosting a party or if you just want to have a fresh and slightly bitter drink. With equal parts Aperol and Prosecco and topped up with ice and an orange slice, the drink will help you stay cool.

The Mojito, based on Rhum, lime and mint, comes from Cuba and is about as refreshing as can be. It was also the favorite drink of Ernest Hemingway, and he knew a thing or two about alcohol.

The sophisticated alternative.

The French 75 is about as elegant as a summer drink can get. It combines Gin and Champagne in a refreshing cocktail with fresh lemon and simple syrup. No drink is more appropriate for a warm evening on the French riviera.

The simplest cocktail isn’t a cocktail.

Perhaps you are not in the mood to mix several ingredients to make yourself a cocktail. Another excellent option is liqueurs. Strong wine made on delicious fruits. A classic is Port wine but new developments are being made. Some wineries are using cryocentration to freeze fruit, extract water molecules, and thus leave the wine more concentrated and flavourful.

Finally non alcoholic drinks are also a great option. Not every situation is improved with another drink of alcohol, and virgin cocktails can be just as delicious. If you are interested in a new way of making cocktails, have a look at “Kombucha”. This fermented and frizzing tea is a great option as a base for a new summer drink with lots of ice.

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