Style Lessons we Learned from Pitti Uomu

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Florence is a lovely city at any time of the year. It has all you could want, from Florentine steak and interesting pasta to flabbergasting architecture and the statue of David by Michelangelo. Twice a year, the legendary menswear fair “Pitti Uomo” brings tailors, designers and bespoke clients to Florence. The charming city is the perfect setting for the world’s most stylish men to show off their looks. Lets see what we can learn from their stylistic choices this January.

Image Credits: Permanent Style


Classic Style

There is no doubt that the key elements of great style still comes from traditional garments. This is where the craft of tailoring is highlighted and there are so many style icons, who wore great tailoring, that we can study and reference. 

To take classic tailoring to the next level, it is good to keep garments in the same colour palette and play with different textures. The key is to highlight the beauty of the cloth and the craft, while the flattering cut will do your physique a favour.

Image Credits: Luke Allend

Formal & Utilitarian

This year at Pitti Uomo, the trend of mixing formal tailoring with more practical and utilitarian pieces continued. Years ago, people began wearing technical parka jackets over their suits and now the field jacket is the menswear enthusiast’s preferred choice.

Wearing a field   jacket on top of a formal suit gives a special edge, a sense that you have chosen every garment with care because you wanted to wear exactly that look. Equally, a long formal coat can make an otherwise casual look, of white jeans and boots, more appropriate for an elegant fashion event.


Image Credits: The Anthologyy


Casual Tailoring

Finally, tailoring doesn’t have to be formal to be great. Here is an example of Simon Crompton, the legendary bespoke writer, wearing denim jeans and shirt with a simple blazer from “The Anthology”. It is not a look that will turn heads, like many of the other flamboyant looks at Pitti, but it does look good because the garments are well cut and because Simon looks comfortable.

Great style should be about finding garments that suit you and make you feel great while underlining your unique style.

Image Credits: Permanent Style

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