It's Time to Bring Out the Colours!

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This season we strive to be bold. We love quality shoes in a timeless style, but this season we have so much creative energy built up over the last year that we have to let out. This season we want to introduce colours to the world of quality shoes.

In today's article we'll be giving you a very brief glimpse into our feelings around colour and vibrancy to set the tone for our upcoming new collection. 

Once you have curated your collection of essential timeless shoes, then it is the time to explore new things. Maybe you are interested in new shapes or, like us, by colours. We still hold the belief that the timeless natural colours of leather are great and will keep offering our selection of these shoes as we discussed here: build-a-shoe-collection 

This season we have let our creativity run free by offering shoes in both pastel colours and stronger and more lively colours.  

In the past we have worked extensively with patina which has built up our expertise in colouring leather. Now we are taking colours all the way. We want to uplift our moods with soft pastels and bright colours. Now is not the time to hold back.  

Photo by SAurabh Narwade from Pexels

Colours are such an integral part of our lives and beauty. Artists have been obsessed by colours since the dawn of humanity.  

Just think of ancient painters using saturated lapis blue or cardinal reds that were as  precious as the thin gold layers applied directly to the canvas or to the impressionist pastel palette of Claude Monet who said “Color is my daylong obsession, joy, and torment.”.  

Clearly, we are not the first to appreciate the science and art of colours but strive to integrate them in our craft of shoemaking. Merchants used to travel the world searching for the rarest and most beautiful colours so that the craftsmen of their day could make their work come to life. 

We want to create a relaxed look using coloured leather. Now is the time to go  experience the world in all its colours and enjoy. Now is the time to travel. The loafer is  perfect to accompany you on that journey. Being light and soft it is comfortable and keeps cool in warm weather. We designed the shoe we want to wear on our dream vacation. A loafer for those who want to enjoy life.  

Boldness it to dare to do something new. We will always offer timeless shoes in natural leather and love to wear them. But we felt that now was the time for a change. To finally  explore the colours we have been wanting to try for so long.  

Whatever your dream is, now is the time to live it. 

P.S keep an eye out on your inbox over the coming days as we announce more details on our upcoming launch of a vibrant and colorful new collection.

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