How to style Jodhpur Boots

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The Jodhpur boot is versatile, but their specialty is elevated casual wear. You can wear the boots very relaxed and also quite formal, but they shine as a way to look elegant and relaxed.

Named after the Indian city of Jodhpur, it also shares it name with the famous riding trousers. The Jodhpur trousers were wide in the thigh and tight below the knee to give comfort and protection when riding. This allowed for shorter riding boots such as the Jodhpur boots, as they didn’t have to protect the calf.

The Jodhpur boots became popular among polo players and generally in the 1920s, as they were elegant and practical. No other boot is quite as stylish. The polo heritage and the signature ankle strap will underline your personal style and is sure to turn a few heads.

You could wear the versatile Jodhpur boots with casual distressed jeans or your could wear them with flannel tailoring for fall and winter. However the sweet-spot for the Jodhpur style is elevated causal wear. 

The shoes are slightly extravagant. The boot’s unique design is classic but fairly uncommon. The wrapped leather strap is a design feature born from practicality but which will draw attention. While most other people wear similar shoes, the classic models with great craftsmanship will stand out. Because the boots are different they show that you made a conscious choice and that you know your own personal style.

Elevating your casual style is a great way to feel more polished without losing any comfort. The first way is to buy less, but better. If you invest in garments you love, you will take care of them and enjoy wearing them.

You can also learn more about the universe of menswear and pick the styles and pieces you love most. The Jodhpur is one such treasure. Not everyone knows its history and design, but if you like the style it will elevate your casual looks perfectly. You can even play with different materials and patinas to achieve the exact look you are wanting.

Here we paired a suede Jodhpur boot with a beautiful pair of navy chinos, which is another staple of the smart casual wardrobe. Then a soft merino wool turtleneck in an earthy tone will balance the utilitarian denim jacket. To finish off the look a chronograph with a blue strap matches the blue tones of the navy chinos and indigo denim.

The Jodhpur boot is for those who like to dress and who care about style. You can wear a pair of boots which stands out and makes your comfortable outfits a little more chic.

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