Five Fall Jackets

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Autumn is a great time for style as you get to play with layering when the days get shorter. Few things are as nice as a stroll through city streets in golden afternoon light, and these jackets will keep you warm, comfortable and looking elegant. 

A great fall jacket must have three qualities. It must be versatile so you can wear it with the rest of your autumn wardrobe. It must be comfortable, with a good fit and a great fabric. Finally, it must be easy to take on and off, without worry about it getting wrinkled as you fling it over a chair when you get inside warm and cosy surroundings.





The first option is a classic over-shirt in ivory wool and cashmere.

The flannel texture and the natural fibres give just the warmth you need for a fall day. The clean lines and the off-white colour allows the jacket to be dressed up with tailored trousers and leather boots, while the breast pockets and shirt details makes it prefect for more casual looks as well.

This over-shirt is from Suit Supply, and is a classic style your tailor can make or you might find in your favourite menswear boutique.






The second look is for when you want to leave your formal navy blue blazer behind, and want to look elegant yet comfortable.

This casual blazer in toasted beige alpaca wool is just the jacket for this situation. It retains the shape of a blazer, but with the fabric and tailoring details showing an off-duty comfort.

Patch pockets, like on this jacket from Suit Supply, always give a less formal look and the shirt cuffs also make it more relaxed.







For autumn, few jackets are as easy to wear as the bomber jacket. 

It has a timeless style from  its practical military roots and a sporty feeling from its use as the varsity jackets.

You can chose any colour and material, from brown leather and shearling to silk and colourful prints. 

Here Brunello Cucinelli offers a luxury version with water-resistant cashmere and waxed calfskin sleeves. 








No list of fall jackets would be complete without suede.


Suede is comfortable, soft to the touch and follows the natural contours of the body to give a casual style.


The style of the trucker jacket is a classic, with its roots from classic denim work-wear. Here Mr. Porter styles the army green jacket with all black resulting in a sophisticated look.






To round off the list of fall jackets, the vest is a natural choice. It works perfectly on top of a shirt or knitwear or even over a shirt-jacket or under a blazer.

This vest from Moncler, is sure to keep you warm in the city or on your next ski trip, and its houndstooth pattern will fit in nicely with autumn tailoring.

Just like all the jackets above, vests are available in many styles and in high quality in all good shops, and they will give additional warmth and style to your outfits for colder weather.

The next step is to chose the style of jacket that best fits your wardrobe and enjoy this beautiful season.





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