3 Pieces of Jewellery to Compliment your Style

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Once your wardrobe is full of quality garments that you love, it is time to start thinking about jewellery. Accessories can become a beautiful obsession and can highlight your personal style. 

Since the dawn of time, men have adorned themselves with jewellery. From amber and pretty shells to gold and diamonds, precious and beautiful materials have been worked with skill into shapes to be worn and enjoyed. We have selected three classic pieces of jewellery that are easy to wear and might become your daily companions for many years.

The Ring

There are a lot of possibilities to find a beautiful ring, but it is very important to find a piece you love and feel confident wearing.

A ring is very personal and can easily become a piece of jewellery you love to wear every day. On the other hand, you might get hooked and start collecting a variety of rings to suit you mood and outfit.

For a first ring, it is best to take something simple that you find beautiful. Here we have selected a silver ring from the Canadian brand “Pearls Before Swine”. It is a solid ring shaped to look like a chain and it remains elegant because its beauty lies in the subtle texture of the silver.

Another option for a great ring is to have a signet ring made by a local artisan. The skilled jewellery engraver, like Louis Boursier in Paris, will use a sharp steel tool to engrave any symbol into the soft gold ring. 

You don’t have to be a member of the aristocracy and have an ancient family crest. You can choose a symbol or letters that are meaningful to you and wear it always.


The Bracelet

A bracelet can add a masculine touch of allure to an outfit and you can find the perfect one to match your style.  Bracelets are great to make a look more casual and cool and are easy to wear.

You can chose a pure metal bracelets, like the “Clou” from Cartier, or perhaps a simple woven bracelet is more your style. It is also a great look to layer multiple bracelets that look nice together.

Here we have chosen a dark brown leather bracelet from Tom Ford with a gold plated T-bar fastening. It is an example of a bracelet that could add both raw masculinity and luxury to your style.


The Cufflinks

The last piece of jewellery is also the most formal, but there is no reason why you cannot incorporate into your favourite outfits.

Cufflinks are a traditional part of formal wear and is the most elegant way to wear a beautiful shirt. However, few men often wear cufflinks although they wear shirts daily. It can be a pleasure to wear cufflinks and can give you the feeling of being beautifully dressed in a powerful way. They are small and subtle, but give a distinctive air of elegance.

Here the gold cufflinks from Buccellati, made in Milan, will give a discreet but powerful statement to your look. A pair of pure gold cufflinks can be worn with pride not only by you, but perhaps also by the next generation.

If you wear shirts often, you can consider choosing French cuffs where you have the opportunity to wear cufflinks. There is no need to only wear jewellery on special occasions when you can take pleasure in these beautiful objects in your daily life.

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