Three Brands You Don't Want to Miss this Summer

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Obviously changes in the season bring forward different requirements for clothes. Winter requires warmer clothes then summer. However, there is also a great pleasure to be had from dressing differently throughout the seasons. You can rotate your wardrobe and be excited to get dressed up with each season.

A few essential shoes can serve as the foundation of your summer looks. Use suede or woven leather derbys or any type of loafer to stay cool and comfortable in the heat. 

We think it should be easy to dress elegantly, so we have made a list of our 3 favorite brands for summer essentials. With these brands, you are sure to get the relaxed chic summer look we all want.

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The first brand we want to highlight is Rubinacci, the Neapolitan tailoring house. The legendary tailors are now headed by Luca Rubinacci who embodies the brand on social media and is responsible for their rise to fame. 

The style is colourful, relaxed and playful. In other words, Neapolitan.

It is especially worth looking into their pleated linen trousers, which are an absolute classic for summer.

Image credits @suitsupply

The second brand perfectly masters the balance between price and quality. Suit Supply was founded in 2000 in holland and opened its first international store in 2007. Since the company has taken the world of tailoring by storm. With its strategy of vertical integration the company can produce cheaply while keeping control and quality high. 

The result is great products at a great price. The fabrics are nice and the cuts fit well.

Many stores have popped up around the world, but their online service is also great. 

For summer tailoring at a good price, this is the best brand by far. 

Suit Supply offers enough to fill your entire tailored wardrobe, but perhaps you can start out with a linen blazer for summer. The price of blazers starts at 229€. At this price level Suit Supply are our favorites by far!

Image credits @persol

Lastly we want to talk about the Italian sunglass brand Persol. Their brand literally means “for sun” in Italian and is synonymous with cool. We all know that sunglasses are cool, made so by generations of notorious style icons. Persol boasts of being the preferred frame of Steve McQueen and has only been made more prominent after featuring in cinema like “Call me by your name”, “The Talented Mr. Ripley” and “Casa de Papel”. 

Not only do we recommend Persol because of its timeless designs and long heritage, but also because sunglasses are special in general.

A nice pair of sunglasses can give your outfit another perspective. Suddenly a simple outfit looks complete. That is their power.

There are many brands in the world and we must choose carefully between them. A good brand must be desirable and compliment your personal style. Now you can pick your favorite products from these brands and truly make them your own.

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