The Art of Enjoying Cooking

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An Essential Part of Life

In a life full of chores, how wonderful would it be if we could turn these inevitable repetitive tasks into sources of joy. Obtaining food is one of the few necessities of life and cooking is a life long skill that you can enjoy every day. Take the opportunity to learn more about the passionate culinary world and enjoy both the process and the result of your cooking.

Whether you are new to cooking or a master in the kitchen, you can always learn more and be inspired by the passion of others. One great way to do this is with Masterclasses where world renowned chefs teach their skills, share their inspiration and show the passion they have for cooking.

For example, the masterclass with Italian chef Massimo Bottura is great at showing a new perspective on cooking. For him “cooking is an act of love” and in his restaurant they strive not only for excellence but also for affection.


Another option to fuel the fire of your passion for cooking is the Bon Appétit YouTube channel. Not only are their videos highly entertaining you can also learn almost anything about cooking. You can learn about many different dishes that are simple, quick and tasty. If you are looking for interesting long projects in the kitchen, you can check out the series of videos made by Brad Leone called “It's Alive”. The series of YouTube videos looks into different cooking techniques, often with fermentation or conservation, like how to make beer, or your own hot sauce, or kimchi or sausages. 

Lastly, cooking is about more than skills and recipes, it is also about the philosophy of taking time to do things properly. The dedication of excellent chefs is very inspiring, not only to people with an interest in cooking.

Listen to this wonderful storyteller about his life as a chef. Three Michelin star chef Marco Pierre White has seen the different sides of cooking and knows how to achieve excellence in his domain. He has embraced a practical approach to perfection and defines it thusly “Perfection is lots of little things done well”.

When you begin your next dish or project in the kitchen, it will make a world of difference to keep in mind his story and perspective. A great dish is one where every element is prepared with intelligence and care. Why not enjoy cooking and sharing the fruits of your labour with your close ones!

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