Men's Shoe Style Guide

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Here’s presenting a lowdown on the various styles of formal shoes which are a quintessential part of every man’s wardrobe. They’re classic, versatile and make for the perfect complement to all your outfits. Grab these well crafted pairs from our wide collection at 3DM Lifestyle.

1. Oxford – This style is everything classic when we’re talking about shoes. This style is preferred by men across the globe with a formal outfit like a suit or a tuxedo. The distinguishing feature of an Oxford shoe is the closed lacing.

2. Derby – It’s hard to tell apart a derby shoe from an oxford because there are very few differentiating factors. The striking difference is that Derby shoes have an open lacing system as opposed to oxfords making them wider giving more room and comfort. So, if you’re looking for a wider or adjustable fit, go for a stylish pair of Derby shoes.

3. Monk-strap – This one is the perfect combination of formal and casual and sure to make you look dapper. The wide strap and the buckle closure is what set them apart. They come in both a single and a double buckle variant and sometimes even more. You might just want to invest in one this season!

4. Loafers – Easy to wear, this one is an absolute must have. Pair it with a formal outfit or simply slip on for a casual look. Loafer is the one style that not just takes you through the day but even through the year. So, always invest in a good pair of loafers.



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  • Great work!… Bravo!…am a huge fan and a shoemaker too

    Milly-icon on
  • It was helpful. Only thing was, it’s hard to tell the difference between open or closed lace. I am always looking for proper ways to dress. It makes a difference how you look when you are in a meeting working a big or even a small deal out. I have found out even the heel of your shoes, whether they are run down or fairly new makes a difference.

    Edwin Holloway on

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