How to style Chukka Boots

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The Chukka boot has an interesting history and is a very versatile boot. After delving in to the origins of the boot we will look at how to wear them.

The British military made the Chukka boots famous on their foreign campaigns in hot climates. They were first used in India and then during the dessert campaign of the second world war, where they were practical because of their lightness and mobility. 

This is a utilitarian boot with a rough history, but it still remains very elegant. Perhaps its clean lines and timeless shape are a result of many revisions after hard use. The final classic shape of the boot leaves is versatile for both a town or country look.

Chukka Boots - Brown Grain by 3DM Lifestyle 

Luxury Casual

To attain a great look that is both luxurious and casual you have to use great materials. Real luxury is not about flashy items, but about quality and textures. 

If you start with a base of brown Chukka boots in a nicely grained leather you should stay in a limited natural colour palette. Without strong contrasting colours, people will be able to appreciate the subtle textures and details of your outfit.

You could, for example, wear a nicely tailored pair of beige pleated trousers, which will make any shoe look sharper. Then you can handle the cold weather with an ivory turtle neck cashmere knit and add a nice jacket. A camel colour will be the perfect way to mix the subtle colours, either with a suede jacket or a unconstructed blazer.

You can use this concept to always add a luxury feel to all your outfits, by using a rich but limited colour palette to highlight the finer details.



Sophisticated Monochrome

Some people have a style that both stands out and that is anonymous. Wearing all black is a paradox that says that you have precisely chosen every element of your look and at the same time, you thoughts are more important than your clothes.

If you start out with a beautiful black boot, like the grained Black Chukka Boot, you can match it with the most beautiful black garment in your wardrobe.

No outfit goes so well from day to night, as an all black. No outfit is as intellectual and can be used by executives, creatives and performers alike. 

Once again, if you remove the colours, the quality and the details stand out more. Now it is all about shape. Find pieces that flatter your body and that underline your style. Finally an all black outfit has to be worn with a bit of nonchalance to really make it work.

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  • Thank You for pairing the boot and outfits. 😎👍🏾

    KEVIN Johnson on
  • Greetings everyone and no post required . . .

    I think there’s a typo in the article. “you thoughts are more important than your clothes.” I think you meant to say “your”. Nonetheless, I love this boots as I’ll purchase a pair soon. My 3DM collection is growing. Lots of compliments. Thanks in advance,


    Greg A. Tucker on

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