How to Keep the Culture of Going Out Alive During Covid

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Covid-19 has taken the world by storm and has covered us in uncertainty. As in all other critical situations we must keep calm and carry on.

The culture of going out is one of the aspect covid has changed in our lives. This is a small sacrifice, compared to those who are directly impacted by the disease especially those with limited access to medical services.

However, being confined is a significant limitation and requires a healthy mindset to endure.

Getting dressed up and going out is often what gives our everyday life that extra spice that makes a normal evening a great one.

It requires innovation to adapt our habits to these new circumstances, but there are some opportunities to get the nourishment of going out while staying at home.

Host a private dinner party with a few of your favourite people. Making sure to specify a formal dress code will make the evening more fun and memorable and will allow you to wear your favourite host outfit.

If you haven’t discovered the endless joy that is cooking and preparing a formal dinner seems a daunting task, prepare some fresh cocktails and get some great take away.

Normally one might enjoy going to a play or a concert, where hundreds of people come together under one roof to appreciate the work of the artists. While such pleasures are currently unavailable, it is possible to create a similar experience at home.

Some of the world’s great cultural institutions have made content available online, so you can enjoy theatre and symphonies at home. A good sound system will allow you to invite friends over for an intimate black-tie concert or you can have a moment of solitary appreciation with good headphones.

The Berliner Philharmoniker have created a digital concert hall where musical perfection is recorded for posterity. This provides you an opportunity to explore classical music or to hear your favourite pieces played to perfection.

The London National Theatre continuously uploads “Free National Theatre at Home”. Plays are only available for a limited time. Their adaptation of Frankenstein was genius, having the two principal actors change between the two main roles every evening.

Currently you may enjoy “Amadeus” about the music, power and jealousy surrounding the life of Mozart in Vienna.

Lastly, the main occasions where we most often get to dress up are celebrations of people we love. Whether it is a birthday or a wedding, if you are one of the limited number of guests lucky enough to be invited, you ought to show that the occasion means something to you.

Covid is no reason to dress casually, rather the opposite. Take pride in dressing up to show your appreciation of the special moments you create or have been invited too.

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