How to style Chelsea Boots

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Chelsea boots have a great history and are part of the classic wardrobe. 

From their rise to fame in Britain’s 1960, where popular brands like the Beatles adopted them into their style, to today they have remained an icon of cool.

It was the ease of use and less formal appeal of the elastic sides that attracted the rebellious youth in those days. Thanks to the timeless design and versatility of the boot, it can be worn today in many ways, from casual to smart. 

Rock & Roll

Giving a nod to the origins of the Chelsea boots you could try to wear them with a Rock & Roll attitude. The Rolling Stones and the Beatles would often wear their black Chelsea boots with dark tailored trousers and the look still works today.

To get the signature silhouette you can wear a pair of black Chelsea boots with high waisted wool trousers, which will elongate your look. You can go all the way and wear a leather jacket or you can opt for a statement piece of knitwear, like a soft pink cashmere.

Modern business

Although it has rebellious origins, you can easily dress up Chelsea boots and make them look very smart. If you wear Chelsea boots with your favourite suit they will instantly give a touch of attitude to a conventional look. 

You have to match your environment. In some conservative offices and banks, only black oxfords are appropriate, but if you have more room to play, then Chelsea boots are a perfect step up. 

You can pair black Chelsea boots with your grey suits, and brown leather with your navy suits. You can also use suede to add texture in your outfit, like this look with tailored trousers, a classic shirt and a statement coat.

Country weekend

Lastly Chelsea boots are great for weekend style. If you like to go for long walks in the park or you have been invited to the countryside for a weekend, then a good pair of Chelsea boots are all you need. If you only have room for one pair of shoes, then Chelsea boots are the way to go. You can play with leather colours and patinas to suit your personal style and they are the perfect combination of stylish and practical. Even if they get muddy during a walk, you can clean and polish them and wear them with a suit for a nice dinner.

In short, no other boot combines the cool and the refined as well as a Chelsea boot.

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